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Are you looking for a pure tandoori moment delivered to your door? A spicy Indian delivery for that working lunch? Hanging out with friends and planning to order an Indian to go with the beer? Curries Online is just what you are looking for. We can bring you an amazing number of takeaway choices from restaurants across the UK that provide Indian deliveries, direct to your kitchen.

Our website brings you the most choice for the highest quality of Indian delivery restaurants on a single click. Curries Online displays only those Indian restaurants that deliver the tastiest and sumptuous of Indian cuisines. All you need to do is just type in your area code or name, check out the restaurants that offer takeaways and place your order.

Whether the delivery is of Saag Paneer or Chicken Kurma, the crux of the matter is that it should be cooked to a high professional standard, which is what makes Curries Online stand ahead of the crowd. So how does Curries Online define a professional Indian delivery? First and foremost, the food should reach the customer within a matter of minutes, not making the customers wait for hours fainting with hunger. Next, the customers should get the exact dishes they order, hot and fresh. No misplaced deliveries or mistaken dishes.

Finding all the best takeaway offers in your location on a single click is not the only advantage you get from Curries Online. For each order you place your dishes will be saved and remembered, making it easier for you to order the next time you want to repeat the same order. In addition to this, another main benefit to ordering with Curries Online is that you will be awarded Curry points for every £1 you spend for each order. These points can be later used to get discounts or can be accumulated so that you can obtain completely free meals with a future Indian delivery. Too good to resist, isn't it?

That's not all. Get loads of information on Indian food from Currypedia, including information on special restaurants in different parts of the UK and their speciality dishes, read the facts about Indian ingredients, try out recipes for lip-smacking dishes and even watch videos for some of them. We also keep you updated with the latest cookery news related to the UK and an informative blog that's dedicated to Indian cooking and restaurants to whet your appetite before your Indian delivery arrives!

Curries Online has made arrangements with numerous restaurants that specialise in Indian food. If you have a favourite restaurant you can send in your orders for an Indian food delivery through Curries Online, which lets you earn exclusive Curry points as well as donating to charitable causes at the same time.

Also, in case your favourite food is from a restaurant that is not yet listed in Curries Online you could suggest the name to us and we will soon get in touch with them. Our success is connected with making your favourite Indian delivery and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

What more do you want when you order an Indian delivery online? Get a complete Indian menu for any time of the day on a single website. With the various discount deals, bonus points and lots of information about hundreds of Indian restaurants in the UK give us one reason why you shouldn't order through Curries Online!