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The summoning spell of an Indian menu

The Indian menu stands apart from the cuisines of the rest of the world due to its rich colours, spicy variety and flavoursome appeal to the taste buds. If you dine out at an Indian restaurant and pick up a menu there, the first thing that you'll notice is the diversity of the dishes, whether it is the starters, main dish, side dish or desserts. Curries Online brings for you the menu of not one restaurant but hundreds of them located in different parts of the UK.

The taste and aroma of Indian food has become highly popular outside its own country, especially in the UK where many Indian immigrants settled down and established a thriving business for several generations. This is why the UK is now fortunate to have so many Indian restaurants in every prominent corner of the country. Each of them will have their own special dish that is highly sought after, whether it is saag murgi, tarka dal, paneer tikka masala or aloo palak. Curries Online provides you with the Indian menu from all the restaurants in your area so that you can order dishes from any of them, while at the same time earning our unique curry points that you can save up to obtain future discounts against any meal ordered from any of your local Indian Restaurants.

If you take a good look at an Indian menu you'll see that most of the items include exotic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, cloves, chillies, coriander, cumin, etc. For most people in the UK raised outside the culture of Indian food, it could be a little confusing to choose from the wide variety of dishes and understand their ingredients, and the names of the dishes might not be very helpful. The Currypedia in Curries Online can help you there. Here you'll find some fascinating facts about Indian food, some yummy recipes to introduce you to Indian cooking at home and a few helpful tips to help you in preparing them. These can also help you when deciding what to choose from an Indian Menu.

The versatility of Indian cuisine can be seen in the delicacies that are specialities within the different parts of India. Whether it's the samosas and vada pav for appetizers, channa masala and murg masala that you have with naan and roti, pulav and biryani made of rice or the lassi and kheer as desserts, these items are some of the most indispensable and common items that you find in an Indian menu and have won the hearts of millions of Indians as well as the British public.

Finding a restaurant in your locality within the UK that provides delicious Indian menu is very easy now with Curries Online. By just typing your post code or place name in the search box you can find the different restaurants in your area that provide the delicious food of India. And from each of these restaurants you can find takeaways and discount choices that they offer like free wine or free bottles of coke. Sometimes you'd find a percentage off on orders above a certain amount. But that's not all. We give you an opportunity to share our opportunities in the West with others by donating a small percentage of the money you spend to charity for every order with us.

Besides ordering food to take away you can also get your tables booked in your favourite restaurants with Curries Online and pre-order your food so that your meal is ready for you when you arrive. We can help you enjoy a quiet and romantic evening with your partner or a fun-filled party without any anxieties as to whether you'll have to wait to get a table or for your food. And if you don't find your favourite restaurant in our lists, again no need to panic. Just send us the name of the restaurant and we'll contact them and make sure you find them next time you log in to our website.