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4 / 5
One of the best Indian takeaways I\'ve had! Delicious food and although quite pricey, it\'s definitely worth the money.

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3.3 / 5 really enjoyed..

My first venture, ate at the restaurant.. Firstly, its very clean including the toilets. Ordered a variety of dishes for 2, didn't go down the chili route. What was served was absolutely delicious and the 3 dishes were individual not generic. The exception was the Lamb Pasanda..stunning and the nan breads are sublime.My big big bugbear, I hope the restaurant takes note, the food really needs to be piping hot, it was hot but not enough and in the serving dishes cooled very quickly.This spoils such good quality fare, however will return as the food is yummy..

3.3 / 5 Is there a different chef?

Mostly the food is a favourite with me because of its authencity and sense of 'home' food. However on this occasion the tarka daal was far too watery and the bagar or tarka element was missing. Authentic tarka daal is a rich and tasty dish. This was weak and insipid. I also think there was an overuse of turmeric? Perhaps you could give customers options about the consistency? The lamb and spinach dish would benefit from some methi/fenugreek leaves?

2.7 / 5 good prices, way too sweet

The food was way too sweet. I expected the chicken korma to be a little bit sweet, but it tasted like pudding sweet. The lamb curry was also very sweet, which we did not expect at all, and we did not enjoy it at all. Even the garlic naan had this weird sweetness to it. Quite simply, the chef is doing something very wrong. Hopefully it was just a bad night. The daal saag was good, and the pilau rice was fine. Please mention this to the chef. Curry and naan bread should definitely not be sweet.

5.0 / 5 Awesome!

One of the best Indian takeaways I've had! Delicious food and although quite pricey, it's definitely worth the money.

4.0 / 5 Very tasty

While I really enjoyed all the food I thought the roti was undercooked and I was surprised how few prawns there were in my tandoori king prawn for £12 - four prawns = £3 each !... They weren't that big either. Otherwise enjoyed the food and delivery was bang on time

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