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a special thank you... from us

Curry points are our very own rewards scheme and our way of thanking our regular users for showing their loyalty and confidence in our service.

For every order you place with us you receive curry points which can be redeemed against future orders. There is no minimum amount that you need to redeem so you can start benefitting from your second order.

Your points are always visible whenever you place an order and you will be asked if you would like to redeem points at checkout, any points that you do not redeem is stored until YOU decide to use them.

How much are Curry Points worth?

1 Curry Point has a monetary value of £0.01.

How many Curry Points will I receive for my order?

1 Curry Point will be awarded for every full £1.00 spent on CurriesOnline.co.uk. 5 Points are awarded for writing a review and 5 Points are awarded for making a reservation (which is subsequently approved).

Once you become a registered member, every order you place, review you write or reservation you make will be rewarded with Curry Points.

All members can view their points total by logging on and going into “My Account” at anytime.

How do I redeem Curry Points?

Curry Points can be redeemed in part or full on the promotions section of the checkout page.

To redeem Curry Points, you need to click on the “Offers and Promotions” graphic at the checkout page:

CurryPoints can only be redeemed when paying by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.

This will bring up a popup which will allow you to enter the number of Curry Points you wish to redeem. Once you have entered your desired number of Curry Points, you need to click on “apply CurryPoints”. The popup will then close and your Curry Points discount will show on your basket.

Additional ways to earn Curry Points

  • Reviews
    5 Curry Points are awarded for every approved review. Please note, you will receive a feedback email the day after you place an order on CurriesOnline.co.uk. In order to receive Curry Points for your reviews, you will need to place them using the link on the feedback email.
  • Reservations
    5 Curry Points are awarded for every accepted reservation.