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Why Brits Love a Curry

There is no doubt that us Brits love nothing better then a curry, whether it be a Tuesday night or a go to takeaway at the weekend, Britain just can’t get enough of the spice! Now although Indian cuisine isn’t native of Britain it has been written into our culture for centuries. So the question [...]

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When the chips are down….

…some of us might add curry! A well debated topic in the Indian-takeaway-loving world is whether it’s ‘so wrong’ or ‘so right’ to order a side of chips to accompany your favoured curried dishes (if you are reading this from the USA, by chips we mean fries). Ok so chips may not be an authentic [...]

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For the love of Vindaloo

An Indian dish that is particularly popular in the region of Goa, has become the notorious bad boy of our local takeaway menus here in the UK, but the mighty vindaloo is not always the spiciest dish an Indian restaurant will offer (wowsa). This Indian takeaway staple was said to have started life as an adaptation [...]

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No Trick, Just Treats

If you are anything like us, then you may go a bit barmy about Halloween and love nothing more than dressing up in a scary outfit and bobbing for apples. And if a fellow curry lover, you may also think of it as a wicked excuse for a curry night (order those dishes with extra [...]

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Curry that Cold Snap

Ok so summer is a very distant memory and although we are still enjoying the odd appearance of the sun, we all know winter is well on its way, but its ok, there are some easy ways to make this winter wonderful. Our Top Tips to Spice up the Season: Embrace the joys of winter [...]

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The Taste of the North

Despite what some believe, not all Indian cuisine is the same. North India has been the birthplace of some of our favourite staple curries, which can be found on a typical North Indian thali.   A North Indian thali is a platter consisting of several small helpings of different dishes, usually accompanied by a small [...]