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10 Unbelievable Curry Facts

So you think you know curry? See how many of these little-known curry facts you know:

1) The world’s hottest curry has a Scoville rating of 6 million units! (To put that into perspective 1 scotch bonnet chilli has a Scoville rating of 300,000 units.) Only one person has ever attempted and finished the entire curry, but not without side effects such as hallucinations and profuse sweating! Now that’s curry commitment.

2) It’s no secret that Britain loves a good curry! But did you know that there are more curry houses in London than in Mumbai?

3) The world record for the tallest free-standing poppadum stack is set a 1280 poppadums, that’s 5ft 8 inches of glorious crunchy poppadums!

4) Speaking of poppadums, the world record for the most eaten in five minutes is held by Tim Stobbs, who managed to put away 15 in the allotted time. Impressive.

5) 1 in 7 curries sold in the UK is a chicken tikka masala, no wonder it’s been the nation’s favourite curry for many years!

6) The largest naan bread ever made measured 2.75m in diameter and took a whopping 125kg of flour and 90kg of water to create.

7) The UK spends £340 million a year on takeaway curry, who could blame us, though?

8) The first ever recorded recipe for curry appears in Hannah Glasse’s “The Art of Cookery”, published in 1747.

9) Capsaicin, which is the chemical responsible for making a chilli hot, causes a release of endorphins when consumed, which is the reason why we find eating curry so enjoyable and addictive.

10) The world’s largest curry was created in Singapore by the “Indian Chef’s Culinary Association” in August 2015, and weighed 15.34 tonnes! That’s a mindblowing 30,925 takeaway sized portions! 



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