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How-To: Plan Your Own Holi Party

What exactly is “Holi Festival”? Besides being one of the most outrageously fun celebrations we’ve ever heard of; The festival of colour or “Holi” is a springtime celebration that takes place around March time in India. This year it falls on the 23/24th March and celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the passing of winter. It is also a time where everyone, regardless of age, gender or social class can let their hair down and have fun.

The celebrations begin with a bonfire the day before the paint throwing madness takes place. The next day everyone gathers together and throws brightly coloured powder at each other…As if that wasn’t good enough, Holi is also an excuse to scoff-down loads of sweet and savoury morsels to keep your energy levels up during what is essentially a giant game of “paint tag”. In the evening, when it’s all blown over everyone heads home to get cleaned up, puts on their finery and gathers with friends and family for a celebratory feast.

In recent years, Holi has been gathering momentum in countries outside of India, with colour festivals popping up around the UK, USA and Europe.

CurriesOnline has put together a DIY Holi Party guide to help you plan everything from the food to the paint products you use.

Step 1: The food

For snacking during the paint throwing part of the event, supply tasty sweet and savoury finger foods which can be easily consumed.

We suggest a selection of Indian starters such as samosas, pakoras, bhajis, kebabs, and puri’s.

For the main feast put on a spread of your favourite curries, rice dishes, salads, condiments and chutney.

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Step 2: The Pain

Make sure you stay safe with non-toxic powder paint that is water soluble. We suggest powdered paint from which uses a corn starch base for all their products. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to get stained. The powder may cause irritation of the eyes so wearing goggles and a mask is a good idea.

Most of all remember to have fun and respect the boundaries of others.

Step 3: The Company

Lastly, gather your close friends and family for the ultimate Holi fun day. Make sure everyone is on board with the paint throwing portion of the party and ensure you tell your neighbours so they can bring their washing in!
Even though the paint is nontoxic to animals we strongly recommend keeping any pets indoors and ensure windows are shut.



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