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WIN a FitBit with CurriesOnline

As we’re a mere 10 weeks away from summer, many of us will be concentrating on health and fitness goals. However, striking a balance is very important. Enjoying a treat every now and again isn’t going to spoil your plans, in fact, the occasional treat results in a boost in well-being and mood.

Check out our article to see how you can make some easy swaps and enjoy a healthier Indian Takeaway.

CurriesOnline is giving away a brand new FitBit fitness tracker to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Win a free fitbit with curriesonline online takeaway delivery service and table booking system

This clever gadget helps you to achieve your goals by tracking your steps, heart rate, calories burned and sleep patterns; making it the perfect fitness partner.

Competition rules:

a. The start date for entry will be 08/04/2016
b. The closing date for entry will be 22/04/2016
c. To enter you must be of the age of 13 years and over, to comply with FitBit usage regulations. Fitbit Usage terms
d. Instructions for entry can be found on our Facebook page
e. Terms and conditions apply. By entering the competition you are bound by the terms.


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