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Beating the Back to School Blues

Dust off that school bag, the summer holidays are officially over! With the new school year upon us (sigh), are you dreading the first day back?

A new term is always is a massive shock to the system isn’t it? Here are our top tips for tackling those back to school blues:

1)  Saved by the Bell

Alarm clocks are a must! Although darn useful things, that consistent ringing on the first morning back can be quite torturous. Perhaps try it out a few mornings before the big day to try and get used to it harping on.

2)  Zombie Slaying

Reinforcing regular bed times leading up to term time is wise, it may help to tackle the ‘zombie like’ characteristics that are likely to appear on the first day back.

3)  It’s a Date

Keep a family calendar and add all the key schooling events (where extra effort and preparation and money maybe required). Things like P.E days (don’t forget that kit), afterschool clubs, school trips, teacher training days and parents evenings.


4)  Get the Gift of Time

As the saying goes, preparation is key, and it really is! Once the kids are fed, bathed and in bed, dedicate an hour to getting things ready for the morning. Lunch boxes, uniform, kit… everything you can to make the mental morning rush that little bit calmer.

5)  Make a Chore Less of a Bore

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t do it all, unless you are some sort of super hero. Keep house work to a manageable level by making a chore rota for all the family or dedicate an hour each day to a different area or chore around the house.

6)  Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Getting into a routine, although may sound boring to some, it really does make things a LOT easier. Like a good sports team, everyone is working in harmony and knows exactly what they are doing.

7)  Keep Calm and Curry on

Don’t panic, don’t stress, you got this! Forget about the cooking, we got your back during this manic time. Click here to find the local Indian takeaways near you.

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