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Curry that Cold Snap

Ok so summer is a very distant memory and although we are still enjoying the odd appearance of the sun, we all know winter is well on its way, but its ok, there are some easy ways to make this winter wonderful.

Our Top Tips to Spice up the Season:

Embrace the joys of winter
Yes that’s right, remind yourself of all the things you can only really do during this season; hot chocolate with whipped cream, curling up with a blanket and a good book, layering in comfy clothes and warming up with hot comfort food.

You are not a bear, don’t go into a grizzly hibernation
Get active, even if it means wrapping up warm and taking winter walks. Join a local class or try a new hobby, for that feel good factor. Plan trips, having things to look forward to helps improve our mood. Invite friends round for cosy curry nights in, being social in winter makes a massive difference to how we feel.

Let the sun shine
We all know the sun provides us with that mood improving Vitim D, therefore the lack of sunshine during the winter months does contribute to those pesky winter blues. So on those rare occasions of sun, get out there and make the most of it. Keep your house blinds up and curtains open in the daytime to welcome in sunlight. Sit near windows in public places and swap your light bulbs for full spectrum ones, as they will be brighter, although this may not give us any of that glorious vitamin, its said to have the same effect on the mind as the real thing.

Keep it Clean
With a clean, organised household comes a clear mind, which is conducive to a good mood, so get the duster out!

Feel free to fidget
This may slightly annoy your co-workers and loved ones, but according to research carried out by Princeton University in the US, rhythmic movements like jiggling your leg, tapping your fingers and chewing gum releases serotonin which will lighten your mood.

Chews happiness
They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well food is also a pretty good way of lifting all of our spirits. Not only because of its warming feeling, its amazing taste and fuelling us with the energy we need to battle the cold snap, but it is also packed with nutritional goodness, that will help to keep us smiling this winter (besides no one is in a good mood when they are hungry).

Foods that are particulary good at boosting our moods:

  • Lentils
  • Spinach
  • Fish
  • Carbs
  • Meats and proteins
  • Herbs and spices (in particular oregano, mint, basil, sage, cilantro, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, and nutmeg)

Lucky for us many of our favourite dishes from the Indian takeaway are packed with these mood enhancing foods, so not only will a good curry warm up your cockles but also make your world a little brighter, even on the coldest night.

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