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4 / 5
Excellent food
Food was hot and very tasty and delivered promptly. Will order again.

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Martins Restaurant, B67 5RD - read customer reviews for Martins Restaurant in Bearwood, Birmingham

5.0 / 5 Excellent food

Food was hot and very tasty and delivered promptly. Will order again.

3.0 / 5 Good price if you have a voucher code

I use this restaurant regularly and the food is always good. To find the take-away service via curries online was good as I received a discount too. Food arrived at time requested and portion was plentiful and of a good quality.

1.7 / 5 Ridiculously tiny portions, undercooked naan, frozen veg?!

Had a takeaway from Martins recently. Never again. My main course was an insult - it cost more than £12 for about 7 pieces of meat. Honestly thought it was some sort of joke. The naan bread was pretty much raw dough which upset my stomach. Worst of all it was obvious that the vegetable side dishes were made from frozen vegetables. I was absolutely disgusted by this, especially after I'd heard good reports from people I know.

2.3 / 5 Rude Staff

Went to martins last week, as we were eating our poppadoms a waiter placed our starers on the table. I requested that we have our starters after poppadoms. he replied, 'it dosent work that way here, you should of said and walked away.This was the first time I have eaten there. the food was OK but not worth the money.As for service Zero out of Ten !

2.3 / 5 Sly staff

Went there on a Groupon. Felt like we were second class citizens. Staff were so sly about everything. A glass of wine and a beer came to £9!! Who knows what extra cost they had secretly added on to the actual cost of these two drinks, as they were much less than this on the menu. No alcohol in the whisky coffees, no rice served with the main that should have come with rice, smaller portions, etc. Food was lovely, but it all just felt like they were trying to get away with things and save a few pounds. It may be different if you go as a "regular" paying customer.....

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