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Old Parcel Office, Jubilee Parade ,Snakes Lane East, Woodford IG8 7QF
 |  delivery: 45-60 mins
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4 / 5
Always delicious ! Haven\'t eaten from temple for a while ,but I treated my boyfriend for a meal there on my birthday last week and now I\'m addicted again ! Thank you for a delicious meal

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3.7 / 5 Delicious but luke warm

Food was delicious but it took ages to get here by which time it was luke warm. The driver did say he had trouble finding the place so I guess that’s why. Popped it in the microwave for a few mins and ate it piping hot, yummy!!

1.3 / 5 Awful

Have ordered from here many, many times and has always been fine, but the last order was awful. Apart from it being an hour later than the original delivery time, all of it arrived cold and the chicken was still pink! Ended up having just the popadoms and dips as it was the only thing edible. We were given a courtesy call to say that it would be even later (than the already 15-30min delay email) as they were waiting for the delivery driver to return, but our food had obviously just been sitting on the side waiting which resulted in it being all cold & inedible. We were going to call & complain but it was already gone 9pm by time the food had arrived & wasn't worth the wait (we ordered at 7:15)

1.3 / 5 Never again

Ordered online. 45 minute delivery time, expanded to 1 hour, then 1hour 15 minutes. Came just under two hours after ordering. No one answered the phone when I tried to find out where the order was. When it came no apology from driver and the food was cold. Had to reheat it and then the amount of meat in the curries was minimal, 3 small pieces per curry. Saturday night well and truly ruined. Never again.

1.3 / 5 Terrible!

Food took nearly 2 hours to arrive and when it did it was cold. Was fobbed off on the two separate occasions I called in to see what the delay was. Nightmare and one to avoid at all costs!

2.0 / 5 Over 30 minutes late

Over 30 minutes late, really disappointed having eaten at the restaurant several times, it was not to the same quality. Will not be ordering again.

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